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5 Tips for a stylish outdoor holiday decoration

5 Tips for a stylish outdoor holiday decoration

We are finally at that time of the year when the holiday spirit is all around. This means festive songs, cheerful atmosphere and of course, decorations inside and outside the house. But it takes a little practice to achieve the stylish outdoor holiday decoration that will be a head-turner for passers-by.

Therefore, here are some practical tips that will turn your exterior into a joyful sight giving your home a chic curb appeal.

Do a holiday makeover of the porch

The porch is an ideal spot to start with your outdoor decorations for the festive season. If you live in a place where there is snow during the holidays, then use evergreen plants to embellish the exterior. Place two pots on each side of the front door and put some evergreen branches and cones inside you can pluck in your backyard.

If you have a rocking chair or two, take them out on the porch to create a rustic holiday vibe with candles in the lanterns and red fruits on the table. If you have a seating area then decorate it with festive cushions and a blanket so you can sit outside with a hot beverage to watch the snowfall.

Turn on the lights for stylish outdoor decoration

Outdoor lights are certainly a must for holiday decorations, it’s just the matter of amount you will use. Going overboard and placing lights on every part of your house can be overwhelming for you and your neighbors. So, it’s best to find certain points to highlight like trees in the yard, hedge or bushes.

If you want to create something special, take mason jars and place small Christmas light inside and then spread them across your yard. Candlelight also looks amazing in the winter scene and you can light the candles along the steps to the front door. Although you can buy Christmas lanterns, it’s always more satisfying to make some yourself.

Give those columns a joyful polish

If your house has columns, then you are in for a holiday decoration treat. Wrap garland around them and some items to it that will make it more colorful. You can place red ribbons on it, oranges or choose a simpler solution like small ornamental balls in gold color. These columns are ideal for hanging holiday wreaths or lights, just make sure that they fit with every other piece of outdoor decorations.

For those more artists out there, use the columns to paint certain images like a snowman, Santa or even the Nutcracker. You can easily repaint it once the holidays are over and this type of decorating will definitely add to your curb appeal.

Add festive spirit to your outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplace deserves a holiday makeover as well and it can even prove to be a useful addition to the festive décor if you plan a party at your place. This is an especially useful part of the outdoors to have if you don’t have snow in the winter and temperatures don’t reach the freezing ones.

Place a seating set with decorative cushions in front of the fireplace and decorate the coffee table with a bowl of evergreen branches and Christmas berries. Use a garland for the fireplace with white ornaments to symbolize the winter or simply place potted poinsettia on the mantle which is the most recognizable Christmas flower.


No matter the size of your house, you can still create a stylish outdoor holiday decoration. Just decide on the colors or theme, and start from there. In no time, your house exterior will be the talk of the neighborhood and you may have to give some pointers on decoration to your neighbors.



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