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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”50px”][vc_toggle title=”RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT” open=”true” el_id=”1457629903915-f4fbdb9a-385a”]The relationship between landlord and tenant is usually a straightforward one: a tenant
is happy to pay rent for a comfortable place to live, and a landlord is happy to maintain a
comfortable residence, for which the tenant pays rent.
On the rare occasions that a landlord/tenant relationship becomes strained, you can be
assured that Royal Residentials will be there to provide support, and ensure an
equitable solution to the issue at hand.
Thankfully major issues do not occur that often, and we believe that this may well be due
to the way in which we manage properties and tenancies.

• Rent collection, and prompt payment over to you
• Monthly statements
• Regular property visits
• Protection of the tenant’s deposit in the TDS
• Access to reputable and efficient tradespeople

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At Royal Residentials our commercial management service can be tailored to suit a
client’s specific requirements, and direct client contact is a regular feature of our
management function.
Commercial property is an essential part of our business. We appreciate that the
maximisation of return, balanced with the minimisation of expenditure, is a key goal in
commercial property investment. Royal Residentials can help achieve this goal through
effective and efficient property management in London. Royal Residentials represents
and acts for a diverse range of private, institutional and corporate clients.

As experienced managing agents, Royal Residentials have an extensive existing client
base with blocks throughout London. These include independent freeholders, property
management companies, house builders and other residential landlords. We believe our
service can rival that of any other block management companies.